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Trash cans need a bath, too.
Start Your Cleaning Regime

Every day, the trash is taken out, but what about the bacteria, dirt, and grime that stays in your bins after the trash service collects? Buffalo Bin Wash takes care of your bins, so you don’t have to! Our team handles the grime while you embrace the shine. 

It’s Just a Garbage Can, Why Clean It?

Your garbage and recycle bins can harbor some unwanted, harmful bacteria and germs from their usage. Eliminating those pesky germs is important and the removal of the stench is an added bonus! 

How We Do It

Affordable Plans

We offer a variety of plans, so you can choose the one that best fits your lifestyle. 

Once a Month


Bins cleaned once
every month.



Bins cleaned once
every 2 months.



Bins cleaned once
every 3 months.

One Time

$35 Per Bin

Bins cleaned once.

All recurring plans include 2 bins. Add additional bins to any plan for $5 per bin.

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Our Area of Service

Buffalo Bin Wash provides recycling and trash bin cleaning to Western New York and surrounding areas. We’re excited to help you eliminate smelly and grungy bins with our superior cleaning service.